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Indie Loves

About us

Hello and welcome to Indie Loves! My name is Kirsty and I am all about vegan fashion, style and homewares …. though you may also find me talking about travel, fitness and of course food!

What I wanted for this website is to firstly bring some of the brands I love to Australia and list them for you in my own online shop. There are so many beautiful brands out there but more often than not, they are always so far far away! So I am going to search out and find the most fabulous bags, shoes, fashion, homewares, books and anything else that I love and if possible, I will ship them directly here for you!

You can find my store here.

Along the way though I found that in all my searching there were times when it was either smarter to shop overseas or it was difficult to get the items over here and so instead of you doing all the clicking around … page after page with a million tabs open in search of maybe a new book … well, you can come to one site where I will find all my favourites and pop them on here for you. This is my ‘marketplace’ and also my collection of favourite pages ….. they are global and open to anyone because it links you back to the original site when you’re ready to purchase. Brilliant!  


How did I get the name? Indie is actually my dogs name, so you may see her in some selfies from time to time. Like this one ... meditating with her ball.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my site ... I really want people to see that you can be glamourous, gorgeous, green and vegan in just a few clicks!