Why Vegan?


1. Cruelty Free Fashion

Thankfully Australia has just passed a law that all cosmetics including perfume and toothpaste sold in Australia are no longer allowed to be tested on animals from July 2017. If you don’t know WHY this is important, please click here for more information. 

However, this doesn’t just extend to make-up and cosmetic goods. Choose your clothes and household goods wisely. Always look for the cruelty free logo, check the ingredients, ask yourself if this is a company that you’d want to do business with and give your dollars to?

NEVER chose fur, down or feathers, if you’re not sure why click here.

The best options are plants such as cotton, hemp and any other plant material or sustainable synthetic variety.


So much more than a number .... 

So much more than a number .... 

2. Animal welfare

There is no such thing as ‘sustainable’ meat and dairy. The words kind, sustainable, healthy and cruelty free do not apply. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if you buy organic, grass fed, free range or from a 'nice farm' …. it’s just not true. The saddest thing is ….. we don’t need meat and we don’t need dairy in order to survive and so we are therefore choosing to inflict this pain and suffering for profit and taste.

I encourage you, however hard it might be to research and find out about how these industries operate.

It’s not pretty and it is disturbing. Though as hard as it will be for you to find out about it …. imagine how hard it is for the animals that are LIVING this every second of the day for their ENTIRE life. I understand not every farm is a factory farm but they still all have the same end for the animal and animal agriculture is still terrible for the environment.

Everyday I hear people say …. ‘I don’t want to know’ … the crazy thing is though, you WOULD want to know.  You would want to know so that you could stop contributing to it. You would be so horrified that you would rather know, so you can help and you would wish that you had known sooner.

So start now. See the information and links listed below.

3. Environment


Animal agriculture (this includes the fishing industry) are responsible for more damage to land, sea and air than all the transport industry combined. Animal agriculture uses too much water, clears too much precious land, pollutes the oceans and is the biggest contributor to global warming.

If you want to support farmers …. support the veggie, fruit, nut, grains, legumes and any other plant farmers. They are vital for our health.

See links below for more information ….


4. Health

It’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t had family or friends touched by one western disease or another. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, the list goes on.

What we’re NOT told is scary. I remember finishing The China Study and being angry that so much information is hidden from us. The information is there though …. you just have to read, watch and listen.

I strongly encourage you to watch Fork over Knives to really understand why a plant based diet is so powerful.

Once again, please find the links listed below on how to find out more …..

Want to know more?

Knowledge is power.  You will never regret going vegan because you will never regret doing what’s right.  My suggestions would be:

How can you help?

By not supporting industries that aren’t vegan. The fastest way to create change is to spend your money with companies that DO want to help and change the world. Be part of something positive. Do business with companies that are cruelty free and kind. Nothing will change until big business realise where the money is …. each dollar you spend makes a HUGE impact.

One of my favourite quotes is by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau …

We often ask if we can make a difference in the world, but we’re asking the wrong question. It’s not that we CAN make a difference; it’s that we DO make a difference. Every action we take has an impact on something or someone else. We don’t get to choose whether we CAN make a difference or not. We get to choose only if the difference we make is negative or positive. Those are our only two choices. There are no neutral actions.
— Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (www.joyfulvegan.com)

Where can you find support?

There is a huge vegan community out there should you need extra support.  Go crazy with google for resources, blogs, fitness, cooking, etc etc and you will generally find the answer you’re looking for ….. or to help you get started, please click on the links below for starter kits and basic resources.

Why Veg by Animals Australia (includes recipes and starter kit)

Vegan Starter Kit by PETA

21 Day Kickstart by PCRM

You will also find some of my favourite books and DVDs in my Marketplace.

Have fun with it and relish the thought that you are making such a huge difference, especially to the animals with no voice.