How to shop dōTERRA & what is LRP???


Okay, so I decided to quickly pull together a separate quick post about the best way to sign-up with dōTERRA and also explaining LRP.  These are probably the two most asked questions ... so here we go ....

Wholesale Membership ...

You get to choose with dōTERRA to shop RETAIL or WHOLESALE.  If you shop RETAIL you skip paying the Wholesale Membership Fee but you obviously pay more for each purchase, which is why I always recommend a Wholesale Membership because it pays for itself pretty much straight away.

Your Wholesale Membership is $35 and is renewed every year but the subsequent renewal is only $25 and you also receive a FREE bottle of Peppermint Oil each year, which is valued at $34AUS!  So it's really just the first year fee of $35.  It is totally worth signing up under a Wholesale Membership because the savings are HUGE and far out weigh this $35 initial fee.  You can also avoid paying this initial fee if you start off with an enrolment kit.  Any enrolment kit means you automatically waive the $35 membership fee.  You might think enrolments kits are a bit pricey if you're only after a few oils ..... but once again, it works out a lot cheaper to buy a kit than individual oils one at a time.

If you're ready to order, my recommendation would be The Home Essentials Kit(pictured), which is the most popular dōTERRA enrolment kit. Why? Because not only do you get 10 amazing bottles of oil and our beautiful petal diffuser you also save USD$83/AUD$120/GBP$70 if you were to buy the products individually and at wholesale prices. 

You can of course select another enrolment kit that suits you and by selecting an enrolment kit, as I said you waive the Wholesale Membership fee of $35.  

If you would rather just buy a few oils to start with that is totally fine and you simply select the $35 membership pack along with your order.  Simple.  

By the way ..... did you know that you can order with me from anywhere in the world!  Yes!

Just go to .....

1.  Click 'Join & Save'

2.  Choose 'Wholesale Prices'

3.  Set-up your Account

4.  Start Shopping by either selecting your enrolment kit or typing in your individual products into the product line and then selecting and including a $35 Membership Pack with your order.  

Please feel free to contact me at any stage with questions (as it can feel confusing) and I can talk you through it or do the whole sign-up for you.   

LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) ...

Once you've signed up .... this is the next question ... what is LRP???  

Basically, LRP is a bit like a frequent flyer or shopper system but for dōTERRA.  You set-up your monthly order (which you can cancel at any time by making a phone call to dōTERRA) and each month it rolls out to you on your chosen date.  Exciting!

I make a diary note towards the end of the month to go in and update what I need/want to order for the following month .... I also wait to see what promotions there will be and that sort of thing.

The benefits are .... 

POINTS:  You earn points on any LRP order over 50PV.  You can use these points to redeem FREE products.  The longer you're part of the LRP program, the more points you earn ...... and they start adding up fast!  

FREE PRODUCT:  My most favourite thing!  If your LRP is over 125PV you qualify for the monthly freebie, which changes each month.  So it's great for those month's when you're buying a bit more to know you'll get a little extra thrown in for free.

MONTHLY PROMOTIONS:  Access to monthly promotions on offer and the choice to participate or not ... sometimes they are only available to LRP customers, so it's handy if you're set-up so you can jump on in if you wish.

A quick run down on the PV (Personal Volume) requirements for LRP ... 

+1 PV you can simply keep your LRP running with just one oil a month if that suits you and adjust it as you go depending on your requirements or the promotions you would like to participate in.  However, be aware that you only EARN POINTS, COMMISSION or FREE PRODUCT when you reach higher PVs as per below.

50 PV is the minimum to be enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program each month and earn points.

100 PV for those that are interested in sharing oils and earning commission, 100PV must be maintained at all times of the month in your LRP in order to be eligible for weekly Fast Start Commission.  So if you are here to share oils as well as shop, to make sure you get the 20% commission on the PV of all new customer orders you need to ensure that you have an LRP order set up for over 100PV each month.

125 PV is required by the 15th of each month to receive the free product of the month.

You adjust your order each month as to what you need/want and also the date you want it shipped (just make sure it's between the 1st and 15th to qualify).  It rolls out automatically each month based on what you have in your LRP.  

Remember, once you have signed up to the monthly Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used to redeem dōTERRA product if your PV is over 50. The longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the more credits you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases! 

So how do you go about setting up your LRP?

1. Go to the SHOP tab in your mydoterra back office 

2. Create a new order: In the box on the right hand side click on “CREATE NEW LRP ORDER” link.

3. All new LRP orders must be placed on or before the 28th day of the month to begin the following month

4. Your orders can be changed at any time but you need to update your monthly order at least 24 hours before the shipment date.

5. You can exit the LRP program at any time with one phone call. 

Don't forget that if you are already sharing your oils and directing people on where to buy .... you might want to consider earning a little something for that!  It could just be a bit of extra cash to pay for your own oils or a business of your own.  If you'd like to chat more about this, just message me at any time.

I hope this helped answer your sign-up and LRP questions!  Should you have any further questions, please let me know.