February Love ....

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and so I thought I would post a few cute and different gift ideas for you to get cracking with before the day ... 

My favourite would have to be the one with the surprise at the end of each cup of tea .... cute!  I've already bought myself the artwork to the right, the top and the necklace because ... well, why not shop for yourself too???   To check each item out further, just click the link to be taken straight to the seller and your shopping is made easy! 

For the chocolate lovers .... since chocolate really can say it all ....  I found these by Farm Sanctuary USA!  They look delicious and I love the different box designs.  There is an added plus in that with each sale you are also supporting Farm Sanctuary and their amazing work.  

Just a few ideas for Valentines Day that are cruelty free .... I hope this helps for ideas.

Happy Valentine's Day!




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