Favourite Vegan Places to Eat - Brisbane Edition

                The Green Edge, Windsor

                The Green Edge, Windsor

I thought it might be handy to list some of my favourite go to places in Brisbane!  I have only lived in Brisbane for a few years but I have to say I'm really impressed with all the options.  It's definitely a fast growing community here and we also have a couple of Sanctuaries (Farm Animal Rescue and Save a Cow) we're able to visit near by as well.  

Below is a list of some of the venues I've visited so far with a very short blurb/pics to give you an idea of their style  ....  

The Green Edge - 100% Vegan - Windsor

This is a cafe and mini supermarket in one!  They are 100% vegan .... so you never have to worry that the Barista might have got it wrong or agonise over the ingredients in every shop item.  I mainly go there for breakfasts but they also do lunch and dinner.  It's also great for kids, which my nephews and niece can all vouch for!  

Vegerama - West End

I have been here so many times .... I don't know how I don't have a hundred pics.  It's definitely one of my favourite spots.  They are almost all vegan .... wish they were 100%!  It's located in West End and is very popular.  They also have two take-away venues located in the CBD, which is bliss if you find yourself looking for lunch options.  On a side note, The Cruelty Free Shop is also just down the road!  

Market Organics - Rocklea Markets

They are a cafe and natural supermarket in one as well.  They are not 100% vegan but are extremely vegan friendly.  Their cafe is really nice and I would say 90% vegan each time I've been there, which is so great to see.  It's always delicious!  They also use Bonsoy for their soy coffee options .... so you know they know what they're doing!  AND .... they don't charge extra for plant mylk!!!  

This is a must do!  This little restaurant is almost right next door to Vegerama and once again, The Cruelty Free Shop just down the road, making it a very handy part of West End to be in!  Vegeme is Asian inspired and the food is fresh and delicious .... still thinking about those dumplings.



Three Girls Skipping - Graceville

I went here for a Christmas party dinner and again, while they are not 100% vegan they are always happy to accomodate.  The service and food is lovely and their vegan options were delish!  


Charlie's Raw Squeeze - many locations!

Charlie's has grown fast and you will find them in quite a few locations, so be sure to check them out further.  They have a great selection of smoothies, smoothie bowls, slices, cakes, treats and salads.  


Noosa Chocolate Factory - CBD
Not so much a cafe, though you can get coffee there served with Bonsoy for no extra charge!  You just have to visit them if you're in the city .... it's chocolate heaven!  Not everything is vegan, so just be careful to ask but pretty much most of their dark chocolate range is vegan.  My favourites would have to be the Rocky Road and Bullets .... and the goji berries ... and .....ok pretty much everything.  Check them out here.  I don't have any photos because .... it's chocolate and doesn't last that long.

Kiss The Berry - CBD and South Bank
Love the location at South Bank but the city shop is handy too.  Their smoothie bowls are a work of art and great for summer.  Not all vegan, so just be sure to ask for their vegan options.  

Sol Breads, West End

Met here for brunch and was happily impressed at the many vegan options.  This is just a simple avocado on toast but it was made even more relish by the extra spices and hummus.  



Well, I hope this gives you a few ideas on where to eat out in Brisbane.  There are actually so many more places that I haven't even got a chance to go to yet.

I will update this as I go along ...