Happy New Year ....

Happy New Year!!!  I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a great year.  

I recently watched the short movie Vegan 2016 (which is free to watch on youtube) and it highlighted how far we'd come in another year.  It's exciting to think how far we'll go this year.  We are definitely a fast growing movement and it's a community I am really proud to be part of and help make a difference.  Going vegan is a win for the animals, a win for the planet and a win for your health!  What's not to love about it??

As my gorgeous vegan niece is highlighting in the pic .... why not GO VEGAN for 2017!!!  Most people think they know what Veganism is about but if you actually did .... weeeeeell .... you'd be vegan.  So why not use the New Year to find out more?!  In this pic you'll see three documentaries listed that will show you exactly why we're all such a passionate tribe.

Watch Cowspiracy for the planet!  All you really need to know is that Leonardo DiCaprio is involved (Executive Producer) .... but if you need more than that, well this movie highlights what's wrong with animal agriculture and why it's not sustainable for the planet.

Watch Fork over Knives for you health!  Based on the famous book, The China Study, it's one of the most famous studies done on human health.  

Watch Earthlings for the animals!  Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix this is all about how we use animals across all industries .... from food, to fashion and pharmaceutical.  Yes, it's difficult to watch but it's harder for the animal living it.  If you can't sit through it because you don't like what you see ..... then perhaps it's good to ask yourself why you're paying people to do these things on your behalf???  Because that's what happens when you say ... 'I don't want to know'.

These are just three movies out there but there are many more as well as some amazing books!  Please feel free to check out my 'Why Vegan?' section of my blog for more information, help and further reading suggestions.  I also have a page of my favourite vegan books if you'd like to browse there too.  

The more you watch and read the more you learn and honestly .... once you know you're just so thankful to not be part of the problem.  You'll be part of something so positive and it's a movement that's going to change the world!      

Now .... on to more trivial matters .... in the things I love department is the Wellbeing Inspirations Diary.  I have had their diaries in the past but skipped it last year for another  .... but I am back and it's a lovely edition for 2017, so hopefully it will help me to get things done and feel organised.

In terms of healthy eating this year, which after all the indulgence of Christmas .... I am really wanting to focus on!  I have just bought Angela Liddon's new recipe book 'Oh She Glows Everyday'.  She's great for healthy recipes that are quick to whip up.  I already have her first book, 'The Oh She Glows Cookbook'  ......  I recommend both if you don't already have them!  Click the links to check out further or they are also listed on my 'Vegan Books' page.

I will also make sure to include Dr Greger's Daily Dozen, which is his checklist of foods we should be consuming everyday.   You can find this checklist in his latest book, 'How Not to Die'.  If you haven't read 'How Not to Die' ..... then .... where have you been?!  His book is a New York Times Best Seller and he really knows how to get you focused on the RIGHT foods to eat.  It covers all the major western illnesses too, so if you're unwell or you know someone that is then they NEED to read this book.  That said, everyone should read this book .... healthy or not. 

For my fitness goals ..... because once again .... after Christmas I am wanting to get back on track!   I am going for inspiration by following people on instagram that make me want to get up and move!  I'm also going to focus on activities I love to do .... walking Indie, hikes, yoga, dance classes .... making sure it's fun as well as active.  Things that also take my mind completely off everything else for an hour ... like yoga or a dance class is like meditation to me ... so find something you love and schedule it! 

So that to me sounds like a good start to the year ...... thinking about good health, fitness and getting organised!  

I have also started to list my favourite finds for the month of January in my Marketplace, so please have a look and check them out!  I will keep updating the page with new finds and I hope you love them all as much as I do.