Day trip to Sydney ...

I meant to write this post ages ago but it's amazing how time just gets away!  I popped down to Sydney for the day a few months ago and was lucky enough to check out two amazing vegan venues!  

The first was for morning tea at the Zeitgeist Mylk Bar in Bondi.  I completely forgot to take a photo of the front of the Mylk Bar but it's a really cute little shop and the food is altogether amazing!  Since I was there with my sister, BIL and nephews ... we were able to sample quite a few!  It was research and we were all happy to participate.  I had a lovely chat to the owner who makes everything herself as well as her own Mylk, which we sampled in one of the mylkshakes.  Delicious!  This should definitely be on your list of places to visit!  

Although parking can be tricky (like anywhere in Bondi!) its location is perfect if you want to check out the Sunday markets, which are just around the corner or Bondi Beach itself ... also just a short walk away.  We were lucky that morning because they had the annual kite festival on, so Bondi was buzzing and it was nice to walk through the markets and on to Bondi Beach after such a delicious morning tea.  

Pacing ourselves we then made our way over to Soul Burger for lunch!  They have since opened another location in Glebe with lines out the door for their opening, so suffice to say they are popular.  Loved the feel and look of the cafe and the burgers were totally worth the day trip down.  We all had something different with fries to share .... the burger options were endless!

Finally .... we finished the day with some homemade vegan doughnuts made by none other than my sister!  Really delicious and pretty quick to whip up from what I could see, especially since I had a plane to catch not long after!

So just a quick trip but already want to revisit them both (and the doughnuts) on my next .... plus a few others that have popped up since I lived there ... there are just more and more delicious vegan options everywhere you turn!