Etsy Vegan Christmas finds ....


So here's what's in my 'favourites' list for vegan finds on Etsy for this Christmas ..... Etsy is great for when you're looking for something individual and it's fabulous to support small vegan business and artists.  

I've included everything from some simple jewellery designs, to inspiring wall prints, vegan inspired t-shirts, handcrafted pottery, some Australian made and cleverly packaged soap, a few new baby ideas, a spoon ... yes just the one and a pawwfect pillow that Indie and Tabatha would approve of!  

This handcrafted pottery store (below) by JeanetteZeis showcases local pottery from Portland, Oregon.  You can also visit her studio there to save on shipping if you're headed that way.  This would be pretty expensive for anyone outside of the USA due to weight.  I am saving for a visit one day when I am in Portland.


So I hope these ideas have helped you find some different things this Christmas!  It's always fun finding something unexpected.  If you'd like to browse further, just click on any of the products or here is a link to the Editors Christmas Gift Guide where with a little searching, you're sure to find some more vegan favourites. 

Happy Shopping!