Happy World Vegan Day!!!


An exciting day to celebrate being part of a community that is all about peace, love and a cruelty free world!  (It's also a great day to officially launch my blog!  YAY!)

It's good to focus on the good .... every day you're vegan you are saving an animals life, protecting our environment, helping to stop climate change, investing in your own health and basically being a Super Hero!

So make sure you treat yourself to something delicious!  

If you're not vegan .....  how about you mix it up and surprise yourself ... find an amazing vegan cafe/restaurant and treat yourself to a new experience.  One of the things most vegans find when they make the switch is that they never knew there was so much variety and flavour in what you choose to put on your plate!  You automatically start eating a more varied diet and realise that what you were eating on a standard western diet was pretty ..... boring. 

So step outside your comfort zone and ditch the meat and dairy!  If you'd like to read more about why you'd go vegan and how to find support, you can excitedly click here.

I will be celebrating today with something yum and will also be toasting the official start of my blog, which I am excited to finally launch.  It's been a busy few weeks leading up to this point and today my Shop goes live!  YAY!  I hope you enjoy my posts and my favourite finds, as much as I do!