Time to get spooky!

Although we don’t celebrate it in a huge way in Australia, it’s definitely growing!  

I have always loved the fun of it and locally I am so lucky to have a street not too far away which goes all out!  It’s so nice to have everyone in the neighbourhood out walking around and my nephews and niece all dressed up …. it’s really cute.  

So I'm a bit too late to add anything to your costumes but thought you might like a handy link of sweet treats, which are also cruelty free.  You might not realise what your sweets/candy is made of and if you did, you'd be pretty grossed out.  


There are so many vegan options out there, many are accidentally vegan … you just have to look!  

Here is a handy link to PETA’s accidentally vegan candy list.

Vegan Australia also has lists for each supermarket, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page.  

If in doubt though, always check the ingredients.

Tabatha and Indie .... 

Tabatha and Indie .... 


You might notice the black cat theme, which is due to my own little lucky black cat, Tabatha!  

Hope this helps a little bit with your Halloween preparations and I hope you have a lovely spooky night!