The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

This is the book that started it all for me! I picked up The Kind Diet and by the time I had finished it …. I was vegan.

I think the biggest thing that jumped out to me at the time was ... why hadn’t anyone told me there was this whole other way to live before??? If I had only known, I would have made the switch years before.

There is such a wealth of amazing information in here, everyone should read it. It has a completely whole foods basis with a slight macrobiotics twist. I found the macrobiotics part interesting and an added bonus.

While I am not interested in going completely macro, I did read up more on the subject and was happy to have the influence of it throughout her book as she seemed to cherry pick some of the basic principals and align it with a vegan whole foods diet, which I think sit really well together.

The book is divided into several parts …. the first explains why you'd consider this .... 'Kind versus Nasty'.

The next section is 'Living the Kind Life' but she's divided it up into 'Flirting', 'Going Vegan' and 'Becoming a Superhero'! This way you can either start by just dipping your toe in or jumping straight in or going way beyond with a my body is my temple approach.

The entire book embraces the ‘Kind’ philosophy, which I really love. Kindness towards yourself, the animals and the planet. The brilliant part is that you realise a vegan diet can be all these things and more.

The recipe section is good but isn’t really what I’d buy it for …. they’re handy to have there but if you’re just starting out, they are more aligned with that macrobiotic slant, which as a newbie can seem quite different. I also found that in the beginning some of the ingredients weren’t readily available to me in Australia, being American brands. So while the recipes are great, I wouldn’t worry if in the beginning that section doesn’t tempt you. You’ll still find a few in there that work for you but to me what you’re really buying it for is the wealth of information on how to transition and what you should focus on and expect.

I referred to it constantly in the beginning and it really guided me a lot. I also felt fantastic because I was going into it all focusing on a whole foods approach.

What I love …

1. Great for beginners
2. Her whole foods approach
3. It's a really great reference tool
4. Her 'Kind' principal, she has a gentle approach throughout
5. The Kind Life website community on her website is also available to you

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to transition to a whole foods plant based / vegan diet.

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