Cruelty Free Designers .....

This goes under the category of 'Cruelty Free Designers I Love' .... Dalia MacPhee is one of my favourites!!  If you're lucky enough to have an event coming up which provides you with an excuse to go shopping .... then head to her website or if you're lucky enough to live in New York ... well ... lucky you aka totally jealous!

Her designs are gorgeous and .... well, this post is really just to provide some shopping eye candy.  Here are some of my favs from her collections ....     

Once again, I just want to emphasise how important it is to spend your money with businesses that are actively trying to make a positive impact.  Why give your money to a business that doesn't care about fair trade or how their people are treated, who doesn't think about their impact on the environment from the waste they create with dyes, packaging, transport and shipping, to a designer who chooses to be cruelty free and NOT test their products on animals and are 100% vegan aka no animal had to die for their product to exist.  Support a business that goes against the trend and puts the earth first.  I think you get greater enjoyment from buying a KIND gift from a clever designer than some mass produced item where you have no idea about their environmental impact or standards.   

You create the kind of world you want through demand .... so spend your money wisely.  This is just one of the designers I will feature .... more to come.  

Update:  Just a heads up, her website says her line is actually 95% vegan ... so even though it's not 100% unfortunately, it's up to us to encourage her to go 100% through demand or feedback.  She is still leaps and bounds ahead of mainstream designers, so let's encourage more from her vegan range.